20130731_150205_resizedAlterations are a very fun and technical side to Sherry B Originals. You will be very impressed with the quality of alterations that we can perform. From men woman and kids, Sherry B Originals can alter formal wear, uniforms, household items, zippers, shortening, lengthening, tapering, buttons, resizing and much more.

It is important that the clothing that you bring to me looks even better when Sherry B Originals is done with the item. You won’t even notice that it was altered.

If you have clothing in your closet that doesn’t fit right, let Sherry B Originals make them fit perfectly.  Do you have items that you don’t wear any longer because you have lost weight, gained a little weight, or the trend has changed?  If so, bring it in and see what Sherry B Originals in St. George, Utah can do to fix them or change them to fit you as you are now.

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